A story about a little girl

Meet Samina

10-year old Samina lives in Bhakuo with her parents, two brothers and one sister. Samina belongs to one of those conservative villages where parents prefer to not send their daughters study, however, with the introduction basic meals, more girls are seen going to school and educating themselves

Samina loves going to school and enjoys studying and is very impressed with the cleanliness of the school. With the hard work and dedication from the team of Charity Right Pakistan, the turnout of students at the school has increased as well.

It is through education that Samina will grow up to be a learned woman and contribute to her household and society in a better way. It is the aim of Charity Right to educate these children and also to provide them with the basic meals so that they can help in the brightening up of the future of their society. This will also enable them to break away from the cycle of poverty and help them avoid other means of earning money such as begging

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