About Us

We are a not for profit international food program providing vital food aid to starving people in some of the most underprivileged places in the world.

Our Vision

Charity Rights believes that no one deserves to die from starvation. Everyone has the right to eat, to live a healthy life and contribute towards society. Our vision strives towards a world where we can help eradicate the epidemic of food poverty, get communities back on their feet and into education, work and trade. By providing food, the once hungry will become self-sufficient and will have the energy, drive and motivation to help themselves and their families to live a sustainable life



Our Mission

To fight hunger, one family at a time

Our mission is to reach those who suffer from hunger, to provide them with nourishing meals and to give them a better chance at life. Charity Right Pakistan is providing meals to schools, orphanages and underprivileged families. We will travel far, to the harshest of areas and we will work tirelessly to put a stop to the epidemic hunger in Pakistan even if it is one meal at a time, even if it saves one life at a time.