Driving into Wilderness

The Charity Right Pakistan operations in Tharparkar revolve around providing not only education to children but also basic meals. This involves working on small schools and giving them the opportunity to grow. One such school was in Didiyamber which was located 100km from Islamkot. To reach this school, one has to travel near  the Rann of Kutch located in the Southern tip of Sindh. This involves crossing around 80km of the harsh landscape of the Thar Desert. It holds true that reaching Didiyamber proved to be a challenge, nevertheless the team of Charity Right was adamant and overcame all the obstacles with one goal in mind; to provide basic education for the community present there.

It was the hard work and determination of the team of Charity Right Pakistan that made it possible for them to cross over this landscape using jeeps and carry out their operations in Didiyamber. The journey was difficult and the destination was even more complex. There is an absence of water. A well is present but water present is very salty. However, the people of Didiyamber are extremely humble and welcoming and the children studying in the small school made the journey worthwhile. A total enrollment of 45 children means a big achievement for the Charity Right Team. Considering a village that is outdated by a hundred years, education for them could mean a total turnabout of their current lifestyle. From poverty and death by hunger to a literate society where one has enough knowledge to overcome all unnecessary hurdles is the main objective of Charity Right Pakistan.

We believe that if we can work in such a tough environment and bring the children out of their homes to study, we can expand our operations elsewhere to enable the children to build a brighter future. The support that we receive is heartening and is the one of the things that is driving our motivation to make this project bigger and work on other schemes.

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