Trip to Tharparkar

An addition to the family of Charity Right Pakistan, the new team was eager to understand the operations in Thar. The much anticipated trip to Tharparkar District took place on the 4th of February 2018. This trip allowed the new members to get a first-hand experience of the happenings in Tharparkar and witness the difficulties that the people undergo in their complex lives in the desert.

The trip consisted of the team visiting multiple schools which are under the care of Charity Right Pakistan. The schools which were empty and barren before are now filled with the echoes of children’s laughter and intellectual conversations. It was amazing to see and experience how the lives of children like Samina have been transformed with the provision of not only education but also basic meals. Your support is making a huge difference by changing the lives of the people in Tharparkar.


Charity Right Pakistan has been operating in Tharparkar since 2014 supporting families of orphans, widows and people with disability by providing them food packages every month. Our Thar Food appeal began in 2014 which was in response to the rapidly increasing rate of children dying from hunger.


Similarly, last year Charity Right went towards adopting government schools in a bid to increase daily attendances and give an incentive to children to attend school. Alhamdulillah as of now up to 1400 students belonging to all ages and gender are being served breakfast and lunch during school time daily. This has resulted in an exponential increment in class attendance along with bringing about a drastic change in the health of many.

While our emergency appeal was initially a relief program, we now have turned our relief project into a long-term food program that will benefit the Tharparkar community and in the long run benefit our country in the foreseeable future. Being part of the Charity Right family, we will keep you updated via our blog and social media, so make sure you’re following us! (Links to our social media are at the bottom of the page).

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